Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Last calls to Pak army...

Remember this -- all political parties, including PTI NEVER want to change the system of anglo-saxon laws, Riba based banks and beysharam secular democracy... All these political parties are beneficiary of this Kufr.. ... all their talks of changing the system are just lies and khurafat...

The system can only be changed by someone who is NOT a product and beneficiary of this filth.. for this we need a civil Technocratic patriotic caretaker govt which should do a ruthless accountability first, change the system and then start a new political process without the political parties, without the filth of corruption and without the anarchy of parliamentary democracy..

If army and SC do not take charge, the army should do it alone.. else the nation should be ready to become like another Syria !!

Only the blind, deaf, dumb, idiots, insane will insist that we should have more elections and more democracy in its present forms with PPP, MQM, PMLN, JUI, PTI and other clowns and this will make Pakistan stronger..... ! Such idiots should either be shot or expelled from Pakistan.

Pak army, should do what must be done.. khair inshAllah.

If Pak army does not clean up the filth from the country soon, then store food and supplies in your homes... you will need it.