Saturday, 2 July 2016

Pray that Allah have mercy upon Pakistan & give us a dignified, honourable, brave leader like Erdogan !!

I see many idiots spreading lies, disinformation and propaganda either due to ignorance or due to political disputes or due to sectarian hatred against Turkey and Erdogan.

Let me make it very clear -- In the present times, Pakistan and Turkey are the most important Muslim nations in the greater Middle East. Anyone trying to divide or create differences between Pakistan and Turkey is an enemy, an idiot or a Munafiq. Be very careful of such snakes..

Listen to this speech of Erdogan. He is a genuine man.

He is a human being and may have made few mistakes as we all make mistakes but remember, mistakes of a sincere ruler done in good faith are forgiven by Allah (swt).

May Allah give us a leader like him too, without his mistakes and with all his khair.. and more...