Sunday, 31 July 2016

Years ago, we had seen the threats & the enemy strategy to be deployed in the last battlefied in Karachi & Sindh...

Nearly 51/2 years ago, I had warned the nation that the final battle will be fought in urban centers of Karachi and Hyderabad and in Interior Sindh.. Now every word is coming out to be exactly as we had analysed years ago.. Today, there has been another attack on Rangers in Larkana after the attack in Karachi couple of days ago.. both MQM and PPP as well as Sindhi sub-nationalist terror groups are now attacking Pak army and Rangers... final battle has begun in Sindh.. Entire PPP and MQM leadership are traitors, terrorists and part of this war against Pakistan.

InshAllah, their judgement day is close..

FB is deleting the video of our message to people of Sindh..

here is a daily motion link... watch, download and spread..