Sunday, 9 September 2012

Allama Iqbal called these Congressi Khawariji as "abu lahabs" !!

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is a world renowned scholar in US. A revert to Islam at an early age, he is a sane, moderate and wise voice within the Muslim world. I know Hamza since last 25 years when he was a young man visiting Karachi and stayed with me for 10 days at my house. I found a very informative clip from Hamza on Khawarij and their role in Muslim world today and in Pakistan.

It is the responsibility of the Muslim scholars to come forwards and reject and condemn the deviant ideology of Khawarij but the scholars are not doing it strongly enough. In Pakistan, all Khawarij belong to Congressi pro-Hindu Mullahs who had always opposed Pakistan even before its creation and now have been armed by the Hindus to destroy the Islamic state. The khawarij Congressi Fasadi Mullahs are the biggest assets of Hindus and Zionists against Muslims. Congressi Khawarij are the only ones who call Quaid e Azam as Kafir and Pakistan as Kafiristan. Allama Iqbal called these Congressi Khawariji as "abu lahabs" !! Know them well. They are the "dogs of hell", fighting the Pak army and Musims in Pakistan.