Sunday, 9 September 2012

How can a "Sheikh ul Islam" be a Congressi Mushrik?????

Congress is pure Hindu Zionist Organization which is responsible for slaughter of millions of Muslims at the hands of Hindus during partition. The Congress is a Mushrik party. How can a Muslim be its staunch supporter and help them to slaughter millions of Muslims? How can a "Sheikh ul Islam" be a Congressi Mushrik?????

Even today, the JUH and their Pakistani counterparts meet and plan secretly against Pakistan and conspire with Zionists. This is an article appearing in The HINDU, a leading Indian paper. From political alliance with Hindus and Zionists to waging a war against Pakistan, the Congressi Mullahs have blood on their hands and continue to side with the Hindus. This is unforgivable and a greatest of sin.

This is pure politics and an issue of war against Muslims and Pakistan and NOT a sectarian issue. If Shias, Ahl Hadees or barelvis would be members of Congress, we would have treated them the same way. There are good patriotic Deobandis who are with us in this misison and who have sided with Pakistan always. War against Rasul Allah (sm) will NOT be tolerated. The "Abu Lahabs" of the time will find us their biggest enemies! All Muslims, from all sects, are against Congressi Mushrik Mullahs!