Sunday, 9 September 2012

Direct proof that TTP is getting support from Afghan government under CIA and RAW protection
Read this news which is a direct proof that TTP is getting support from Afghan government under CIA and RAW protection. The TTP kharji leader was killed by chasing Pak army Gunship helicopter when he was trying to escape back into Kunar. His injured militants have been taken to a hospital in Asadabad, the Capital of Kunar province. It is a Afghan government control area and our sources also confirm that the hospital is government run under Indian doctors (Read Indian army medical corp). That is how the insurgency against Pakistan is being funded, controlled and pushed into Pakistan. Dadullah has NOT been killed by a US drone but by a Pak army Cobra Gunship which sent the terrorists to hell, alhamdolillah. Great job done Pak army. Keep hitting the snakes hard!

Taliban’s Bajaur chief killed

KHAR, Aug 25: The proscribed Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has confirmed the killing of its Bajaur region chief Mullah Dadullah in a Nato air strike in Afghanistan on Friday.Talking to reporters from an unidentified location on Saturday, a TTP spokesman said that Dadullah and his companions were returning to their hideout in Afghan province of Kunar after carrying out raids in a border area of Bajaur Agency when they came under attack.He said Maulana Abu Bakr, a senior member of TTP, had been nominated new chief of the Bajaur region on the directives of TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud. Afghan officials and TTP `commanders’ said the drone strike by Nato in a mountainous area of Shigal district killed 19 militants, including Dadullah and his deputy Abdur Rahman. At least eight Afghan-based Pakistani militants were injured in the attack and taken to a hospital in Asadabad, Afghanistan.