Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Decision of APC to hold talks with Khawarij of TTP ---This is most spectacular blunder of govt when they are destroying the advantage earned by army through great sacrifices.


These are my tweets on the decision of APC to hold talks with Khawarij of TTP. These tweets will give you an axact analysis of the crisis and how it is being mishandled by the leadership. Today, we are being ruled by the most stupid political leadership ever and the nation is paying the price in blood !!


The APC has agreed to start talks with TTP insurgents. This is insanity. TTP is NOT an independent org but a proxy mercenary army of CIA/RAW

Asking Pakistan to negotiate with #TTP is like asking Syrian govt to negotiate peace with Free Syrian army when their handlers are US/CIA !

CIA has eliminated all TTP commanders who even tried to cut a peace deal with Pak. Nek Muhemmed, Qari Zainuddin, Mullah Nazeer, Wali Rehman.

#TTP is created by CIA/RAW to wage urban #4thGW in Pak. TTP bases, supply lines, salaries, equipment, weapons, ammo come from Afghanistan.

The solution is NOT in talking to the mercenary proxies like TTP but ejecting their handlers -- CIA/RAW from Afghanistan. Solid solution !!

If Pakistan have to talk, it should negotiate terms with Afghan Taliban, who in turn would eject all foreign forces & TTP terrorists!!

TTP is down now, defeated & pushed into Afghanistan. They need time to regroup/reorganize. Talks at this moment would give them that break.

TTP is still surviving because judiciary is protecting them, govt has abolished death penalty & Police is releasing them through jail breaks

Instead of galvanizing State organizations to do their duty, Govt has opted the path of surrender & talks with enemy which is being defeated

Mark my words - this is most spectacular blunder of govt when they are destroying the advantage earned by army through great sacrifices.

I have always disagreed with General Kayani's policy of "strategic silence" & allowing the politicians, judiciary to rampage in last 6 years

Gen Kayani should have exerted his voice & weight to bring sanity into staggering corruption, political & judicial collapse & media anarchy.

Allowing Zardari, Chaudrey, Gilani, Raisani, Bilour, Altaf, Nawaz to devastate the country under the facade of democracy is a disaster.

By allowing the politicians & judiciary to destroy the country in the last 6 years have only created bloody multiple crisis for the army now

When Chief justice can exert his weight, Gen: Kayani should have been firm too where security collapse was brought thru corruption/treason.