Tuesday, 3 September 2013

This is that Kharjee fitnahs, whose murder case has been registered against ex-Pak army chief.


Islamabad high court has orderd registration of murder case against Pakistan’s ex-army chief for conducting a hostage rescue operation aganinst these TTP kharjees !! watch these pics. These terrorists are hard core Kharjees and enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakistan. Eliminating them is the most scared religious and naitonal duty of Pak army. Judiciary is waging a war against Pakistan, just as these Kharjees !!

If this is justice in Pakistan, then we the patriots ask army to take over the contry and apply the justice they know best !! By Allah, we want martial law now to clean up this fasad  !!   a brutal one too….

Then the govt can be handed over to a civilean technocratic patriotic setup for changing the entire system of politics, judiciary and economy.