Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The master stroke to defeat all BLA & TTP terrorism is to engage Afghan Taliban in talks & deploy them against insurgents as strategic ally.


These are more of our tweets on Pakistan's national security policy, anti-terrorism policy and Afghan Policy. The stupid leaders do not know the ABC of the threats and the responses. Instead of surrendering to the TTP, this should have been followed. Once Afghan Taliban get recognition and respect from Pakistan, they will destroy TTP and BLA in Afghanistan and then we can crush them here once their supplies and weapons are choked. Talking to them when CIA is fully backing them is insanity.

Now read these tweets...


NOT a single leader of the #APC know the meaning of 4GW, Af-Pak, Cold Start & The Project for new American century to reshape the #ME. Without any knowledge of the global Geo-politics & Geo-economic, the naive response of negotiations with mercenary pawn was suggested in APC.

The master stroke to defeat all BLA & TTP terrorism is to engage Afghan Taliban in talks & deploy them against insurgents as strategic ally.

Even US is negotiating with Afghan Taliban to secure a safe exit from Afg. Pakistan must also engage Mullah Omer group to eliminate TTP/BLA.

In 1988, Pakistan made a grand strategic blunder when Ibd ignored Afghan resistance as legitimate party in war at the time of Soviet exit.

in 1988, Geneva accord was signed between Kabul & Islamabad, with US/Soviets acting as guarantors. Afghan resistance was ignored totally.

The result was a catastrophic civil war after Soviet withdrawal & US exit from the region with Mujahideen trying to dislodge Kabul regime.

The blunder of 1988 at Geneva, has caused 25 years of war in Afg, Today, Afg & Pakistan are at exact point as in 1988 - US is withdrawing !

Now, Afghan Pashtun Resistance, which has forced US withdrawal, must be respected as accepted as legit party in war & invited in Islamabad.

When Mullah Omer was in power in Kabul, there was civil war within Afghans but NO terrorism, TTP or BLA in Pakistan. Pak was most peaceful.

Afghan Pashtun resistance is staunchly opposed to US/NATO/India/TTP/BLA - making them great strategic allies for Pakistan. This is our bet !

The finest counter terrorism policy Pakistan can develop is to have a friendly government in Kabul which would eliminate all antipak rebels.

Mullah Omer has also softened up his stance towards other ethnic communities of Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkemans & Hazaras. He realizes his errors.

It was the harsh stance of Mullah Omer which kept the country in a perpetual state of war, allowing the US/NATO to exploit it for invasion.

US played on the civil war between Pashtuns & other ethnic communities & formed the northern alliance. Even today, trying to play the fears.

Allama Iqbal has prophetically warned 90 years ago that Afghanistan must be kept stable else its instability would destroy the entire Asia.

Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkemen & Hazaras of Afghanistan are fully armed but now also know that they need to co-exist for survival.

Once the US/Indians are thrown out of Afghanistan - even if there is a civil war, it would be less devastating than the present occupation.

Bringing Afghans closer for a broad based govt is easier once the CIA/RAW are removed from Afg. TTP & BLA cannot survive without CIA/RAW!