Monday, 3 November 2014

We are giving reference from a Shia source which confirms that Imam Hussain was betrayed by Shian e Ali.

In order to clear the confusion among many members, we are giving reference from a Shia source which confirms that Imam Hussain was betrayed by Shian e Ali. Some of them repented later but it was too late, damage was done and tragedy had already happened. The speeches of the Shias of Kufa and Iraq are quoted here in this Shia site. This is exactly what we have written and talked about by Imam Zain ul abideen as well. read this:

Imam Ibn Jarir Tabari recorded:

“When Hussain was killed and Ibn Ziyad returned to Kufa from al-Nukhaylah, the Shias met and maligned one another and expressed regret at their weaknesses, they thoght that they had committed a big crime as they had invited Hussain by promising him their support upon his arrival, they did not go and he was killed in their neighbourhood and they didn’t help him at all and they thought that this mistake cannot be removed from them except by killing those who participated in his murder or lay down their lives in this”
Tarikh Tabari, Volume 7 page 27

"Verily, this group of Shias who were Shias al-Khasa did not play any role in the murder of Imam Hussain (as) and the maximum wrong committed by them was that they were unable to reach to Imam Hussain (as) and help him, and that may have been due to the preventative methods that had been employed by Ibn Ziyad that we cited earlier. It was then that a gathering was convened in Suleman bin Surd al-Khuzai’s house wherein Musayib bin Najba addressed them:

“We used to be proud of our truthfulness and would praise our Shia party but Allah tested us and it was at that time that we came to know that our claims were wrong. We invited Hussain, sent messages to come and we would help him, but when he came we hid ourselves to the extent that he got killed in our neighborhood, neither did we physically help him nor did we support him through our tongues, nor did we afford him protection in our properties, nor did we send our tribe to aid him. Now how will be respond to Allah and his Prophet (s) when the grandson of the Prophet (s) was killed in our country? Verily, our mistake is not worth hearing. But now we have an opportunity to kill all those who participated in his murder or we can at least lay down our lives in this task”
Tarikh Tabari, Volume 7 page 48

Later, Suleiman bin Surd was chosen as the leader of the Tawabun movement and the speech that he had gave, that he subsequently repeatedly delivered on Fridays was:

“We were proudly raising our necks whlist waiting for the Ahlulbayt of the Prophet and kept assuring them of our aid and convinced him to come here. But when he arrived, we displayed weakness and brought clumsiness into our work and kept worrying as to what was going to happen to the extent that the grandson of the Prophet got killed in our country at a nearby location when he was seeking aid but no one was adhered to justice. A group of Fasiqeen made him the target of their spears to the extent that he got martyred”
Tarikh Tabari, Volume 7 page 49

the speech given by Ubaidullah bin Abdullah was:

“The enemies were determined to kill the grandson of the Prophet whilst friends did not assist him. Verily, his killers deserve wrath and those who abandoned him deserve to be admonished, Neither will his killer have any grounds before Allah nor will there be any reasoning worth hearing by those that abandoned him, except if they sincerely repent and conduct Jihad against his killers and fight the oppressors”
Tarikh Tabari, Volume 7 page 52

Rasul Allah (sm) is above sectarian divide of the Ummah ! Sayyadi Rasul Allah and Ahl Beyt are neither Shias nor Sunnis but have the duty of uniting the Ummah !

There is the following Hadith of the Holy Prophet (saww) which has been quoted repetitively by the historians about Hazrat Imam Hasan (RA).

"This son of mine is the leader and Almighty God will arrange peace between two groups through him."

Bringing unity between Sunnis and Shias is the biggest duty in these times of Fitnah which must be done by Syeds/Sadaats and Ahl Beyt.

Both Sunnis and Shias have done wrong, since past till today. Ahl Beyt have always stood to protect and defend deen. They are the reference which Rasul Allah (sm) has left behind after Quran and Sunnah. Karbala is our duty, even if we are betrayed.

As Iqbal said " Islam is always revived every time a Karbala is staged (family of Rasul Allah is persecuted for defending Deen) !!

In Karbala, family of Rasul Allah (sm) was left alone !! Ask yourself why ???? Because defending the deen against Kufr of the time is NOT easy !!! It is never going to be easy !