Monday, 3 November 2014

We Syeds and ahl beyt have never forgotten the betrayal at the hands of our Shias in the battle of Karbala !

Today is 9th Moharram. Let me share with you the story of my family. This is the story that our elders have told us from generations and has remained within our family.

But first let me introduce myself to those still do not know.

Alhamdolillah, I belong to the family of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). We are called Sayyads or Sadaats or Ahl Beyt. Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is our Nana, Bibi Fatima is our mother, Sayyadna Ali (rA) our father and Sayyadna Hassan, Sayyadna Hussain are our forefathers, elders. WE are their family, their children -- the Sayyad Sadaat Ahl Beyt !!

I am from the bloodline of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, a Hasni Hussaini Sayyad alhamdolillah & the Sayyad ul Aulia Ghaus ul Azam.

The story I am about to share starts when my elders from Ahl Beyt Hazrat Hussian was in Medina and he received letters of invitation from a group called the "Shias of Ali (RA).

Today, we call them Shias but in older times, their name was "Shian e Ali, or the Shias or Ali (RA). They were strong in the city of Kufa, which was the Capital of fourth Caliph Sayyadna Ali, my forefather. Shias were the allies and supporters of Hazrat Ali in those times and considered as supporters of Ahl Beyt.

Note this: Shias were NOT ahl Beyt BUT supporters and allies of Ahl Beyt.

Our forefather Sayyadna Hussain (RA) refused to accept the illegal khilafat of Yazeed and decided to seek support of Shias of Kufa. The Shias of Kufa offered full and unconditional support to our family, the family of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Every major family or person in Kufa sent letters, inviting Hazrat Hussian to come to Kufa. So, against the advice of ahl e Medina, Sayyadna Hussian decided to make this journey. Our entire family went with him.

But when our family was half way to Kufa, our elders received the news that people of Kufa, the Shias of Hazrat Ali (rA) have betrayed our family to Yazeed. Some even joined the army of Yazeed and came out to fight Imam Hussain, stopping our family caravan in Karbala ! With the betrayl of Kufa, our family was left with only 72 members of family and closest die hard followers to face an army which had many Kufi fighters as well ! That betrayl was most severe indeed.

Giving our life for the sake of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is NOT a tragedy for us. We are born to sacrifice ourselves whenever Deen of our Nana is in crisis. For us Karbala was NOT a tragedy BUT a medal of honor, a pledge of courage and a stand that we all Ahl Beyt will make at all times with dignity when it is needed. We Sayyad DO NOT mourn our courage ! But we were indeed truly hurt. NOT by the sacrifices of Karbala, but by the betrayals of of our Shias from Kufa !

Imam Zain ul Abideen, another of our ahl beyat, was present in Karbala. He lived to tell us the story which has remained deep within ahl beyt ! We NEVER regret doing what we did in Karbala but we are shattered by the treason and betrayal of those whom we trusted.

After the tragedy at Karbala, people of Kufa felt the guilt of betrayal and came out in huge numbers to repent. But it was too late ! Since then, in Arabic, an idiom has been created "Koofi, La Yoofi", people of Koofa, will always betray. Another idiom said "the hearts of the people of Koofa were with Hussain, but their swords were with Yazeed" !!

We Syeds and ahl beyt have never forgotten the betrayal at the hands of our Shias in the battle of Karbala ! We will do a million "Karbalas" if needed for the sake of the Deen of our Nana. That is NOT a tragedy for us. It is an honor and a way of life, alhamdolillah !!