Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A new year will bring a more determined, aggressive, clear thinking Pakistan. I see great times IA!!

Let me share some secrets of my mission with you all :

Musharraf was the naive patriot, made the blunder of trusting the US too much & once in the quicksand, could never recover from the shock. Mush, Zardari, NS all sold out Pakistan. Difference is that Mush did in stupidity while Both Zardari & NS were born traitors, enemies of Pak. Musharraf was surrounded by most dangerous snakes who fully exploited his vulnerabilities -- Shaukat Aziz, Tariq Aziz, Altaf Hussian!

Post 9/11, US was in rage & had already made up its plans to go into Afgh. There was nothing Pak could do about it. Extremely difficult situation. The only option for Pak was to let the US get into Afgh & then make sure that another empire is buried in the graveyard of empires! So it did.

I tried extremely hard to advice Musharraf on how to tackle the US larger game plan of Af-Pak, 4th Gen War & "Yugoslavia threat" to Pak. It was extremely difficult to penetrate the iron wall around Mush created by Tariq Aziz, his Qadiani principal secretary. Today, no one in Pakistan talks about the filthy, dirty treacherous role of Tariq Aziz, the main snake who got NRO done, stabbed Pakistan.

Despite traitors within, Mush did try to resist US game plan & hence US finally decided to replace him with Benazir.
In 2004, I met Musharraf in army house, told him flat that that the way he is going, he will be betrayed & will be put on trial in the end. Today, I feel sorry for Mush. He has made too many blunders to be forgiven or given another chance. He left an insecure bleeding Pakistan. I see people praising Mush's foresight & wisdom. I feel sad. He gave too much leverage to enemies who finally toppled him & now bleeding Pakistan.

Despite being a genuine brave patriot at heart, Mush is an extremely bad judge of people. He trusted snakes assuming them to be his friends. I was his friend, unofficial adviser & very close to some of his friends but he NEVER took my advice & followed traitors to his own doom. Once I could clearly see demise of Mush in 2007 & rise of Benazir/Zardari for final deployment of 4thGenWar, I went public on media to warn!

My first TV program was on PTV hosted by Ahmed Quraishi, where I exposed the TTP & their dirty RAW/CIA links back in 2007 & US 4thGenWar!! After Musharraf, the real catastrophic era for Pakistan began -- With Kayani, Iftikhar Chaudhry & Zardari. Total disaster! It was nightmare. I was the lone voice on media desperately trying to warn the army, nation, govt. & judiciary of the imminent threat of Balkanizaiton & 4GW. It was a hard slog for me personally in the last 7 years. Faced death threats, criminal cases, defamation and economic blockade for my stand.

Finally, when all 3 major roadblocks left - Kayani, Iftikhar, Zardari - then I could operate more freely - and my strategy was adopted.
Today, Pakistan is blessed to have Raheel & Rizwan. Nation is aware of the threats of Khawarij, & democracy & politicians stand fully exposed. I had given same advice to all that we need military courts, executions, religious narrative to counter Khawarij. Now Pak army adopts it. I was new on Media, took a strong pro-Pak & pro-army line & explained the hard-core regional geo-politics, everyone assumed me to be ISI :-) It was funny because everyone accused me to be launched by ISI or ISPR but I knew how hard it was for me to get my message across to army :-)

From 2007 till date, I have NOT changed my line of analysis, have held my ground against impossible odds & today stand vindicated after 7 years. From December 16th this year, a new Pakistan has been born. Now all the mistakes of the Mush, Zardari & NS era will be rectified by army IA. These are the last 2 days of this year. A new year will bring a more determined, aggressive, clear thinking Pakistan. I see great times IA!!