Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I will start with hanging NS, Zardari & Iftikhar Chaudrey. They refused to accept that nation is in a state of war & we need army courts!


I will start with hanging NS, Zardari & Iftikhar Chaudrey. They refused to accept that nation is in a state of war & we need army courts! It is the collective criminal negligence of the state judicial & political pillars & then of those who wasted time resisting TTP elimination. This was a tragedy waiting to happen. I had been warning that TTP would exploit the post election chaos in the country. Today nation cries..
Elimination of TTP is one day's job, made an impossible task by the political confusion, corrupt judge, lack of will & poor leadership. Every political leader has failed this nation. The time has come to wrap up this carnival of democracy & ask army to bring a Techno govt.
Every word I have been saying for years is coming out to be true. We will suffer more severe loses if this political chaos continues.
Even Imran has terribly failed this nation. These are the TTP butchers whose office he wanted to open in Peshawar & with whom he wants to talk.
Go Pak army ! Take revenge for our children ! Drag these snakes out of jails & hang them in Peshawar by hundreds. We demand this. God Speed!
Govt should accept that they have failed to protect citizens. Arms licenses should be issued to citizens for protection. It is our right!
That is why TTP are Khawarij & NOT Muslims!! These snakes violate every law of Quran & Sunnah! ‪#‎PeshawarAttack‬ pic.twitter.com/7gitGiFGUl
Every parent of Pakistan is in tears today... these were OUR children! This huge sacrifice will wake up a sleeping tiger now! We are firm!
While Fazlullah is in Kunar, Mullah Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid, head of all the khawarij who started this war lives in Bahria Town comfortably.
India blames Pakistan for sending in terrorists. But who is sending these TTP terrorists into Pakistan?? RAW? CIA? RAMA? all of them???
Reports are pouring out -- the children were lined up against the wall & shot one by one. A lady teacher was burnt alive in front of kids... The Terrorists did not come to take hostages. They came for slaughter! Pakistan has over 3000 TTP killers in custody. They must be slaughtered too.
PAF has started bombing TTP bases in FATA! The wrath of the falcons is now blasting the Khawarij with devastating results! Revenge is on! More than 25 Khawarij killed in first strikes in Tirah valley. Enemy radio intercepts show total panic & confusion over precise hits.
This demand MUST become the national cry now! Build all your pressure around it. Nothing short is acceptable