Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Nation is truly disappointed of the entire political leadership, which collapsed on all fours. By God, it is the army which is defending us!

Now the Khawarij will be hunted in streets, ambushed in tribal areas, hanged in jails and killed without mercy ! The day of reckoning arrives. TTP are now splits into many groups. Fazlullah group planned the slaughter of our children but now all groups will hang & pay for their crime. Other groups will blame Fazlullah for bringing this wrath of hell upon them. We expect infighting within them also. Total panic in Khawarij!
History has been created today! One should never underestimate the resolve, courage & dignity of Pakistani nation & armed forces. Yes, we Pakistanis are in rage & we will brutally crush these enemies now. Now we will NOT be hostage to the blunders of history & terrorists.
Pakistani nation is proud to have General Raheel & General Rizwan as our top commanders at this most watershed moment of our history! Nation is truly disappointed of the entire political leadership, which collapsed on all fours. By God, it is the army which is defending us!
There were idiots who would say that Pak army will never force the govt to hang the terrorists or form military courts. All must apologize! Though I am happy that now we are eliminating the Khawarij there is an excruciating pain in the heart that why we wasted 7 years to do this?
For the last 7 years, Pak army was fighting this most difficult war without the support of the government, judiciary & media & we suffered!
Since 2007, there is democracy in the country & army has abstained from politics but the democrats proved to be bloody rascal idiots only.
Army is doing a very smart move -- forcing the fearful political govt to take responsibility for the actions needed to crush this insurgency. Nawaz Sharif & the govt thought that they can live in peace without the dharnas but now a real serious life threatening fear engulfs them
Now I want to rub into my critics also They mocked my strategies & policies & tried to belittle me but today, I stand vindicated!
For the last 7 years, I was the only analyst aggressively pushing for hanging the terrorists, military courts & hot pursuits of TTP into Afghanistan.
The war is not over yet. In fact, it has just entered into a higher gear today. Coming days will be bloody & brutal but now no turning back!
TTP always wanted Sharia law in the country. Today, when two of their dogs have been hanged under Qisas, I am sure TTP would be happy
I will request the army to execute the Khawarij terrorists through firing squad or beheading or Crucifixion. Hanging is too merciful!
In China, they do it through a head shot. In Saudi Arabia, a sword does it. In Iran, they hang. But these animals deserve a painful death.
The two cut throat "dreaded terrorists" started to shiver, tremble & beg for apology & mercy from the "Kafirs" they so wanted to kill once