Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Peshawar slaughter of children is Pakistan's "Pearl Harbor" which has now galvanized the country into a total war against Khawarij. Finally!


So the govt says it will hang 8 terrorists within 24 hours!! We want their execution in public - in Peshawar! Pak Army must make sure that the govt hang the REAL TTP/LeJ terrorists & NOT ordinary murderers just to silence the nation! TTP must pay!!

Militant gangs have started to threat Nawaz Sharif that their terrorists should not be hanged. NS must do it. Within Pakistan, these & few more are the sympathizers, ideologues & protectors of Khawarij! This is one huge gang! pic.twitter.com/sSwayoGlig
All Pakistanis should know that a most punishing & comprehensive operation has already begun against Khawarij but details cant be told now. Each one of the shaheeds is a hero for the Ummah but there were few who fought back, saved others from killers.


This blood of our innocent angels will now create a "Naya Pakistan"! Entire Pakistan has woken up now to fight back! pic.twitter.com/P8vKgKZEYG

These hell dog Khawarij grossly miscalculated the resolve & response of this nation after this atrocity! Now revenge! pic.twitter.com/n10KphnREa
This is the CIA's JSOC team (joint special operations command) responsible for creating ISIS type gangs of TTP in Pak

You would remember the CIA handler killed earlier in Peshawar having Satanist Tattoo on his back. He was from JSOC! pic.twitter.com/BsGTc6RAsf Just as CIA has created Free Syrian Army and Now Daish/ISIS, they had created TTP in 2004, after recruiting Abdullah Mehsud in Guantanamo. Primarily, TTP was a CIA Black Ops. But due to its heavily religious content, Darul Uloom Deoband India /RAW joined in as ideological patrons. Slowly, CIA withdrew to Drone warfare only, using TTP assets as spies against Afghan Taliban/Haqqani BUT RAW took over anti-Pak ops of TTP.
Right now, TTP are based & protected in Afgh. CIA/JSOC uses them as spies. RAW uses them as ruthless war machine against Pakistan. So to fully eliminate TTP, we will have to eject CIA/JSOC from Afghanistan & also eliminate all Indian assets to isolate/destroy TTP fully.

Today, Pakistan sent its most powerful fighters to Kabul (R&R) & delivered a brutal message -- We will destroy TTP even in Afghanistan! IA. And then the PAF started to deliver the death blows to the Khawarij! 4 fighters have just returned from a devastating strike & more on way. So now, Pak Army & PAF would hunt the Khawarij in the entire region, even in Afgh & their captured dogs will be hanged in Pak! Payback time!

The planning for the Peshawar slaughter was done in Kunar, Afgh, in a meeting attended by Fazlullah, Khurasani, Faqeer Muhemmed & 16 others. Some ask army why TTP could not be finished. The real reason is that govt keeps releasing them back to attack again! pic.twitter.com/gKJ46qG7Jd

So, there are 3 steps to eliminate TTP. Zarb e Azb was only focusing on 1.
1) Eliminate them in FATA.
2) Destroy them in Afghanistan.
3) Hang those in Jail
Now you know the reason that why despite strong success of Zarb e Azb, TTP could still attack using small teams. Their bases in Afgh are safe. Peshawar slaughter of children is Pakistan's "Pearl Harbor" which has now galvanized the country into a total war against Khawarij. Finally!