Saturday, 30 January 2016

You will always find that only the Mushriks or the Khawarij would be the most bitter enemies of this Faqeer.

Let me share with you our family tree :-)

Alhamdolillah, I am Syed from both my father and mother side. My mother's family is Shah family of presently Indian occupied Kashmir. My nana is Syed Zahoor ud din ahmed Shah from Ananth Nag Islamabad. What I have heard from family elders is that our maternal ancestor Admiral Qasim came for Ghazwa e Hind to attack Sindh along with Muhemmed Bin Qasim and was settled in Syria before that.

During riots of partition and Hijrat, lots of precious family documents were lost but our maternal Syed Shah family is well known in Kashmir, Pakistan and East Punjab.

alhamdolillah, From my father side also, I am a descendant of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra), a Hasni Hussaini Sayyad alhamdolillah. Hazrat Ibrahim Malik Biya was the 7th generation grandson of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani and was a General in the Tughlaq army who lead the Ghazwa e Hind campaign in that time and defeated the Hindus and captured the province of Bihar. The descendants of Syed Ibrahim are called "Maliks" in Bihar. My father used to write Malik with his name initially but when they came to Pakistan, he stopped using it as there were many Maliks in Punjab who were not Syeds. Many members of my paternal family still use the title "MaliK' to represent their Syed lineage but many use the original title Syed, as I do.

Alhamdolillah, you can see that Ghazwa e Hind is in my blood -- from both maternal and paternal sides and inshAllah, we Syeds will pay this debt back to Mushriks once again.. !

I am born in Pakistan alhamdolillah but my blood is Arab and lineage is Syed, alhamdolillah.

Being a Syed is an honor as well as a great responsibility to defend and protect the deen of our beloved most honorable Nana Jan (sm). Standing against the Yazeed of the time is our duty. Being attacked by Khawarij is our history. Ghazwa e Hind is our destiny, Alhamdolillah !!!

You will always find that only the Mushriks or the Khawarij would be the most bitter enemies of this Faqeer. It is because of the sacred blood that flows within, alhamdolillah, as the dogs of hell and the Mushriks remain the worst enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).

Assalato Wassalamo Alaika Ya Sayyadi, Ya Jaddi, Ya Rasul Allah !! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !! Pak Sarzameen Shaad Baad !!