Monday, 1 February 2016

Has these Deobandi Mullahs really lost it ? Earthquakes are coming because NS govt has banned Tableegh Jamaat ! lol

Is this man really sane ??? decide yourself..

He is the first man who was tasked by RAW to stop our mission of Takmeel e Pakistan. He was the one who gave first fatwa against me that I am a Qadiani. He works with MQM as negotiator for Bhatta deals and is involved in Baldia factory fire which killed 600 innocent poor workers in Karachi. He is involved in all sorts of financial scams and land grabs... A hardcore sectarian terrorist running a huge Binnori town madrassa in Karachi and the representative face of deoband on media.

Mufti Adnan Kaka khel, his close student has come and visited me in my office after the fatwa given by this man. Adnan had a long talk with me and was fully convinced in front of me at least that there is NO evidence against me and Mufti Naeem's fatwa is wrong and a bohtan but he accepted that he cannot speak against his own elders.. they know the truth by remain silent .. this seems to be the pattern of Deoband.

Now listen to him.. this is hilarious and insane at the same time..

Now Tableeghi Jamaat and its leaders have declared a war against Nawaz Shareef govt :)) They will invoke all the spiritual curse upon these two shareef brothers for banning Tableeghi Jamaat :)) So, Tableeghi Jamaat is into politics of removing governments and cursing the "cruel" rulers .. lol.. why cant they do the same thing against Khawarij ?

why there was NO khatam of ayat e Kareema when our children were being butchered daily at the hands of their own Deonandi brothers...???

According to him, all the earth quakes are due to shareef brothers banning of Tableeeghi jamaat and not due to zulm of TTP Khawarij... !! Ufffff...

Insanity and fasad has a name and it is Mufti Naeem !!