Thursday, 16 June 2016

Now Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are their next targets... !

Pak nation should know that now all the enemies have joined hands together against this sacred Medina e Sani.. ! Their new "axis of evil" list does not have Iran but Pakistan... ! We knew it all along..

Now Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are their next targets... ! In the coming days, things are going to be tough for Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. They have been trying to break Pakistan for the last 16 years but Allah has always humiliated the Khawarij, Mushriks and the Crusaders.

Recent attack on Torkham border was done on the orders of US and India to test Pak army.. ! Alhamdolillah, the teeth of the enemies were broken and now they are begging us for mercy..

Afghan army is planning more fitnah... we are ready..! Now they are assembling across the border from Kurram agency... ! But our guns are ready...

This democracy has destroyed us. These politicians have betrayed us. There is NOT a single statement from the PM or Zardari or Imran Khan against Kabul regime for their attack. None of these parties or their leaders attended the Jinaza of shaheed officer Major Jawad.

Pakistan is in a state of war and these politicians are behaving like circus clowns and street gangsters.. astaghfurllah..

InshAllah, soon, these fake corrupt democracy would be buried forever.. No Zardari, No NS, No IK... NO One from this filthy lot of corrupt and idiots.. ! Allah has His own plans.. He will do what He wills..

Those who want democracy, can go to hell..