Thursday, 16 June 2016

Read every line of this snake's interview.. With this mindset, there can be NO peace with Kabul regime ! Sankes...

Read the interview of this true venomous snake.. karzai..

This interview will tell you the core problem which Pakistan have with the Kabul regime, which is former communists, CIA touts and Indian agents.... !

1. They DO NOT accept Pakistan as a State.

2. They DO NOT respect Pakistan's borders and want to break Pakistan.

3. They want to attack Pakistan and take over large part of Pakistan's territory.

4. They have been paid huge money by the Mushrik Indians and now these ghaddar Afghans treat Hindus like gods and worship their money... and want to help India to break Pakistan..

Now how can Pakistan tolerate such sinister venomous ghaddar mentality ?? these are not the words of a Muslim but a Kafir like Munafiq who is working with Mushriks to harm the Ummah. they deserve NO mercy...

The only time, there was a friendly govt in Kabul was when Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was in place under Mullah Umer -- from 1996 to 2001 !!

Pakistan CANNOT tolerate a treacherous regime in Kabul. We will act in our own interests and in the interests of the Ummah.

Kabul regime can go to hell.... !! and we will send them to hell IA.