Friday, 26 December 2014

Exposing and killing Khawarij is NOT sectarianism. This is Jihad !!

The narrative of Khawarij is that Pakistan is a Kafir state, Darul Harab, and they can attack Pakistan, kill Pakistanis, loot their property and kill their children.... why ?? because Pakistan govt has an alliance with US and we should not have friendship with Yahood and Nasara.

This argument is shameful and preposterous. This is the exact definition of Khawarij -- they twist the verses of Quran and apply them on Muslims when they should be applied on Kafirs only.

There is a great difference between strategic alliance and being total friends with Yahood and Nasara. Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), had signed Misaq e Medina with Jews. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed signed defense and security pacts with Christian Arabs to fight against Romans. Even if some ruler becomes friends with Jews, this is NOT Kufr but a sin only. On the basis of this sin of a govt, you CANNOT declare war against an Islamic country and kill their Muslims as if they are Kafirs !!

Similarly, the Khawarij call us Kafirs, because of some security alliance with Western countries, but we have alliances with China and Russia too. We trade with all countries of the world. Every Muslim country does that. Does that mean all Muslims should be killed ??? This is insane.

Also, the Khawarij, take help from Hindu Mushriks !! Is that allowed ?? The Hadees of Sayyadi Rasul Allah says about Khawarij that they will be friends with Hindus and will fight the Muslims ?? Now who is this group in Pakistan which is always friends with Hindus ??? yes, you guessed it right !! That is why they are Khawarij !!! Dogs of hell !!

Exposing and killing Khawarij is NOT sectarianism. This is Jihad !!

If anyone thinks he is NOT a Kharjee, then he must stand up and declare these Khawarij as Khawarij and kill them with Pak army !! that is the test. If anyone does NOT declare them as Kharjee, then we will humiliate him.

We respect Mufti Rafi Usmani. He has declared them fasadi and Wajib ul Qatl. why other Deobandi leaders are afraid to call them Khawarij !! DO NOT argue with me. Make your Ulama call them Khawarij . you stay silent. your Ulama must speak !!