Friday, 26 December 2014

The worst enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) are my enemies only -- from known Ghaddar Geo to hidden munafiqs and Khawarij.

Dear children & members, it seems that some of you still do not have any idea of the crisis we are in. We are in a war & now will be doing a fair bit of killing in the coming days.. It will be brutal, ugly & outright dirty on places but thats how you fight the Khawarij & Mushriks, the filthiest of animals and dogs of hell !

Today, is the time of dajjal, fitnah, lies and deceptions -- from media to Ulama to politicians! not one of you is qualified to know the truth in these times of great fitnah & bloodshed. for ages you have been fed with lies, khurafat, twisted history & khawarij beliefs.

Allah has shown me a life - a full life - from the battlefields of Afghanistan in 80's to present times when we fight the information war to defend the Ummah. My physical age is now over 52 years from Islamic calender. Most of you were not even born when this faqeer started his duty.

What difference does it make to me if you refuse to follow me or unlike the page ?? none what so ever. This mission has not come to this stage because I had more fans. It has come to become this force because Allah's fazal & nigah e karam of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is upon it.

But I would surely feel sad if I see anyone of you going gumrah and astray under the lies and deceptions of dajjal. There is a simple test to know the truth -- Quran & Sunnah & love and adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah and love for Pakistan, medina e sani ! If the person is not against Quran and Sunnah and he is respectful towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and loves Pak Sarzameen, then it is a safe bet to listen to him. InshAllah, there will be khair.

You all know me for the last 7 years only. I am 52 years old :-) Listen to my previous programs I did since 2007. Each and every word is coming true, every analysis is being accepted as ultimate truth in geo-politics. Not a word against Quran and Sunnah, all loaded with adab e Rasul (sm) and love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). See the company I keep, see the money I have, see the life style I maintain.

I have always remained above sectarian, ethnic or linguistic biases, always giving priority to relations of Imaan over any other relation.

I have faced most severe enemies and allegations over these last 7 years. Enemies have attacked my honor, life, Imaan, family, rizq - but how have I behaved ?? Have you ever seen me taking personal revenge ?? How do I deal with the people around me, in my team, in office, in circle of friends?? I have only shown Jalal when Pakistan or Ummah was under attack NEVER for personal revenge.

The worst enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) are my enemies only -- from known Ghaddar Geo to hidden munafiqs and Khawarij. Only worst enemies want me destroyed and ahl e Imaan love this faqeer from Pakistan to Masjid e Nabwi !

Why I am telling you all this ?? Because I dont want you to go gumrah under the fitnahs of dajjal who are srrounding you from all sides and you have NO ways to find out the truth from lies...

It is your naseeb. We are doing our duty even without you. we will do our duty till Allah wills. For now, we are busy cutting the necks of Khawarij. This is duty of Jalal. You will see this jalal in this faqeer as we take revenge from dogs of hell.

If you dont udnerstand anything, ask with decency and adab. I see 20 years olds calling me with first name, abusing and rejecting ilm which they know not. Learn some adab pl. Gustakh has no naseeb for him.

Jazak Allah to all of you.