Friday, 23 January 2015

EXPOSED: CIA Covert Ops team, Group photo of the unit.

As received. 
the Indian which is standing up, third from left. is on a photograph from swat, he was training ttp in swat..

we all know about it doesnt take a big leap of imagination to figure out what this unit does.

these ones with green & black wrist band, this must be some kind friend or foe identification, meaning there working behind lines.

the guy to right of commander, is Hispanic they don't usually put them in this sort of role because of facial characteristics and skin tone. so he must be their tech guy. also he cant sit on floor on his feet for shit.

one to the left of new guy, is 2nd in command. incharge of propaganda / brainwashing. we can clearly see this from his facial expression and body language.

the bottom left, is their most experienced field agent. see how his both feet are flat on ground? and is comfortably of them you can see find it hard to sit like this and are sitting on their toes.

second from left, whose standing up...hes got style. ....different agents for targeting different segments of society

انشأ الله