Friday, 23 January 2015

From a sincere person, who supports TJ.

Read his mail first please. Then my reply which is under it. Sincere people still not understanding the depth of the crisis we face today. Trying to justify the criminal silence of their Ulama. This is so tragic…

Salam, sir!

I write this in a state of disappointment in how the Ummah is imploding and its leaders are failing it by fighting amongst themselves out of immaturity and stubbornness. I have sent you an E-mail before on this issue regarding your posts against Maulana Tariq Jamil and have provided sufficient logic and argument in that matter but apparently to no avail. Still the worry of the Ummah of Sayyiduna Muhammad (S) and this noble mission that so many great men (that you yourself respect) took part in, compels me to say a few more words.

My brother in Islam and teacher who taught me what a priceless heritage we inherited being born on this Pak Sarzameen and especially in this period of time, I hope that you appreciate the fact that people who seek knowledge and truth in the sacred Way of Allah, He teaches them wisdom in unusual ways. Sometimes an innocent word from a naive child gives the clue that you have been looking for to solve a riddle. So a person who values knowledge and craves wisdom ought to have a sound discernment even in silence and also a sense of humility to listen to people and seek advice.

Respected sir, ask yourself as to what your opinion was about Mufti Rafi Usmani (Hafizah-Ullaah) before the APS tragedy! Thousands of Muslims had been slaughtered before the incident but 16th December, 2014, was the time for Mufti Rafi to break the silence, as decided by Allah (SwT) in his Taqdeer. What would your opinion be about Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA) before he embraced Islam; he was the architect of the plan to turn the tables against the Muslim army in Uhud; it’s Allah (SwT) who decides the time! What would your opinion be about Wahshi before he embraced Islam; he was responsible for Prophet’s uncle and Sayyid ul Shuhadaa’, Hazrat Hamza’s, martyrdom; it’s Allah (SwT) who decides the time!

What about Hazrat Umar “al-Faarooq” (RA) before he embraced Islam; he volunteered himself for the task of slaying Sayyidi Rasul Ullah (S); it’s Allah (SwT) who decides the time! Sayyidi didn’t curse him. And it’s interesting to note here, as we are talking about M. Tariq Jamil, Sayyidi Rasul Ullah (S) prayed to Allah to grant Umar to Islam while he could curse him too. Why? He probably saw in him a strategic asset. His firm belief in and surrender to the Taqdeer of Allah (SwT) and His Will kept him well away from allowing his hatred for the enemies of Allah fog his focus on the strategy and mission. He was taught by Allah (SwT) and thus the discipline he maintained in ‘living’ these principles was perfectly clear and firm with him. None of us can claim to have been blessed with that bounty. Every single one of us has to work and work hard to attain and through-out maintain that discipline.

As I mentioned in the previous E-mail, Maulana Tariq Jamil is not a politician; he is a preacher of the basic message of Islam and social ethics in general. It’s important to understand it well that almost the whole usual gathering in attendance found in our mosques are of people with passion for Islam and its ‘tabligh’ – people that are hot-blooded, generally stubborn and emotionally volatile. One can not speak everything he would want to speak to himself in a gathering of such people.

Besides, considering the role and reputation of Ulama who have actively participated in politics in the Indo-Pak region before and after partition especially these days in Pakistan, it is quite understandable that a simple, naïve person and preacher of the basic message of Islam and ethics of social life would not want to get involved in politics by any means. The response that you are expecting from him is more suitable to be expected from the Ulama who participate in politics and issue statements and Fatawa especially those that go against the interests of Ummah and Pak Sarzameen. M. Tariq Jamil has never (as far as I know) issued a single statement against Pakistan, its ideology or its interests, nor in favor of TTP or other enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

Concluding . . It is true that we do not care as to how many enemies we have to face in the Way of Allah or that how many friends we would want to have standing by our side, since Allah (JwA) is our strength. But by no means does that imply that we should start making enemies out of our brothers – those who share our faith with us and mean nothing but the best for the Ummah, especially people like Maulana Tariq Jamil who have exhausted their lives in the service of our religion, Islam.

We need to keep up learning to believe in Taqdeer and the Will of Allah (SwT). Pray to Him that Khalid bin Waleed’s and Umar bin Khattaab’s and Akramah bin Abu Jahl’s and Huzaifah bin Utbah’s may show up and join as they did before instead of letting them be under the impression that we are and will remain their constant enemies.

We have to keep up learning to believe that the strategy of Allah and His Messenger carries wisdom, and complying with it is the wise move. We say, “We invite nobody, you come on your own”, Sayyiduna (S) went to every door mostly good only to get embarrassed; we say, “We can’t stand disrespect from youth”, Sayyiduna (S) got stoned out of the town by children; we make it difficult for them to come to us, and say: “Those who are confused better remain silent, and those who are silent are yet our enemies, we shall attack them fiercely”, Sayyiduna (S) met them in the battlefield, took their blows, fell unconscious, yet said, “O Allah, forgive my people; for they do not know (who I am)”. (By the way, can you imagine? People who saw and knew a sign of Allah itself such as Sayyiduna (S), and listened to him preach for years, yet remained confused!) This is exactly the kind of task we hope to handle, and the way of Sayyiduna (S) is exactly the way to handle it!

May Allah (SwT) help us follow it!
Salam and Dua.

My reply:

Waalikum salam Ahsen Habibi, it is clear that you have NO idea of our duty or the war we are facing today… you give me examples of Makkan period, while we fight the last stages of counter attack just before the Fatah of Makkah…. Enemies have surrounded us like in Khandaq, enemies outside, enemies within, enemies at the back…. read what Quran says of these times…. When hearts came into the throats and momineen were shaken to the core like an earthquake…

Then when Sayyadi returned from Khandaq and took off his body armor, Jibraeel ameen came and he was wearing his body armour and urged Rasul Allah to chase and hunt the traitors within, who betrayed in the deepest of crisis. Then the same Rasul Allah (sm) who took stones in Taif, oversaw the beheading of 600 traitor Jews….

In war, your brothers are supposed to stand with you. Those who decide to stay home, stay silent, left behind or betray are to be dealt accordingly.

This is the difference habibi. You think we are in peace times. I think we are fighting the last stages of a deadly war.

Love and dua