Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Now, it is clear from the video that TJ is fully supportive of destroying the green dome.


I tried to avoid destroying TJ totally but his stupid followers are forcing me now to expose his video properly. This is the full video from which the clip was taken. Watch it with open heart and eyes and ears.

What TJ is saying is:

1. Gumbad e Khizrah is Haraam and should not be there.
2. King Abdul Aziz was a great King.
3. He captured Makka and Medina.
4. They destroyed all Muqamat in Jannat ul Baqee.
5. They wanted to destroy Gumbad e Khizra but Muslims all over the world got very angry and worried and decided to talk to Saudis.
6. Allama Shabbir gave the argument that "this is not the time to destroy the Gumbad e Khizra" based on a Hadees that people have newly become Muslims and they may not understand and this might create problems, so after some time, this job of destroying Gumbad e Khizra can be done, but should not be done now....
7. So, the King agreed and delayed the destruction of Gumbad e Khizra.... till the time they become strong enough to do that..

Now, it is clear from the video that TJ is fully supportive of destroying the green dome.

It is clear that he fully support King Aziz and calls him a pious king, despite the fact that he destroyed Ottomon empire with the help of Lawrence of Arabia and slaughtered thousands of Turks in Makka and Medina. TJ uses the word "Fatah Kia" !! means won it through war.. war against whom ??? Muslims ??

This is an extremely provocative and dangerous speech of TJ. He can make such speeches which can hurt the feelings of a billion Muslims but he cannot hurt the feelings of Khawarij ?? Now you tell, did I quote him out of context or those who are defending him are total idiots ??