Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Why TJ never talk against TTP and declare them Khawarij ??

We will discuss about destroying the Green donme and Rauza Pak later. Billion Muslims and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) himself wants it as it is today and has been for 1400 years but, as I said, shall give you evidence later.

Lets first talk about issues which are undisputed within the Ummah in the present times and even with little knowledge can understand them. lets see what TJ and Tableeghi jamaat has to say about the following:

1. Khawarij and their war against Pakistan.
2. Ghazwa e Hind.
3. Destruction of Muslim lands at the hands of Mushrikeen, Zionists, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq and need for Jihad.
4. Charlie Hebdo attacks.
5. Riba and Banking systems.. which is a war with Rasul Allah.

In these times of war, JIhad and fitnah, if any Muslim scholar does not have firm and solid opinion on these 5 issues, then remember, he is a shaitan in the dress of a Momin.

Pl show me statements of Tableeghi Jamaat and TJ on these 5 issues.