Wednesday, 21 January 2015

All sectarian & militants Khawarij gangs use Tableeghi Jamaat as recruitment & training ground for their war.

For the last 29 years, I am associated with various militant groups in the region -- due to my role in Jihad in Afghanistan & then professionally due to my role as a Defense analyst. I know this for sure that all militant organizaitons send their recruits for training in Tableeghi Jamaat and also find recruits from here. Mlitants of all sectarian and TTP gangs spend at least 40 days in Chilla and then go to the military camp for training. This is a massive underworld crime network run by the Khawarj and sectarian gangs. That is why it is absolutely MUST that Tableeghi Jamaat explain their position towards Khawarij. Their silence is delebrate. It is not just about TJ. Entire Tableeghi Jamaat is involved in this business.

Their Islam is NO threat to Kufr, no threat to Khawarij, no threat to Mushriks, no threat to Riba based banks, no threat to CIA/RAW or Mossad. The Mazhab of Mullah, Jamadat, Nabatat suits Kufr very well... No Jihad, no Qital, no battles against Khawarij... brilliant..