Sunday, 31 January 2016

Khawrij are dogs of hell. Sending them there is OUR duty alhamdolillah !

I will continue to attack Khawarij and their active or silent supporters in Pakistan. What is amusing is that all Khawarij, Takfiris and terrorists have come out to defend MTJ and other Deobandi Mullahs whom I asked some questions only. I did not call them Kafirs or Qadianis BUT all their emotional followers continue to use most filthy language as well as fatwas of Kufr. Then they accuse me of spreading "firqa wariat" :))

I posted about my lineage and being Syed only because Khawarij were doing extreme propaganda that I am not a syed and many of you were coming to me for a reply. So, I replied :-)

Please understand one critical thing. This page an Information Warfare Battle station against enemies of Pakistan. We are in a war here. This is NOT a social gup shup page. Thousands of enemies are present on this page also. The whole war is about defending Pakistan and Pak army against the lies of Khawarij and Mushriks. Their delebratly come and spread confusions. They dont come here to learn. They come here to lie. We monitor these accounts and when we know that they are Khawarij supporters, we simply block their accounts without any arguments. Or we block those total idiots who just do not want to understand nor want to play their role in defending Pakistan.

Why am I harsh on enemies ? Have you ever seen an F-16 or an SSG attack team killing the enemies softly ?? :)) NO, their job is to be ruthless in eliminating the enemy through shock and awe strategy. Thats what we do on this battle station too. We will be very hard on the enemies.

Please follow the Hukm of Quran when you hear some bohtan against a Momin. Do not come running to me like an idiot on every bohtan you hear from Khawarij. dont waste my time please. I have replied to all their lies. Just google it yourself. That yusuf story they spread just check the link. Ulama of Deoband lie blatantly here, astaghfurullah. they all know the real story but will never tell you.

The Khawarij know the truth fully well. But there are not here to know the truth but to attack me :-)

so dont be a fool and a tool in their hands.

You can be sure that till the time Allah wills, I will attack the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen. Khawrij are dogs of hell. Sending them there is OUR duty alhamdolillah !