Thursday, 28 January 2016

We were not destroyed by the attacks of the enemy BUT by the silence of our scholars..

Dear Children, members,

90% members of this page are under 35 years of age. None of you is a professional defense and security analyst or specialist in information warfare, counter propaganda and Psychological operations. These are highly specialized subjects which are deployed by State security organizations or top private think tanks with a huge specialized team of media managers. CIA and RAW wage this war against Pakistan using all their tools and assets within the country.

All wars have two dimensions -- physical & Psychological. Psychological Operations Or Psy-Ops are deployed to defeat the enemy without firing a single bullet -- to confuse the enemy, divide the enemy, demoralize the enemy, divert the attention of the enemy and to distract the enemy from focusing on the real threat which is to destroy the enemy physically.

We at BrassTacks are a professional security and defense think tank who are involved in defense of Pakistan for the last 16 years... ! NONE of you is qualified enough to challenge or question what we say. You may not understand why we are doing what we are doing but the enemy surely understands. For BrassTacks, the enemy is NOT any local group or person. For us the enemy is RAW and CIA whose strategies we study, we monitor and then we develop response strategies -- both through our analysis and through our media appearances.

So please DO NOT advice us on what to do and how to do it. what we are doing is way beyond your capacity and capability to understand. We have our sources deep within the government and security agencies and also within the enemies. We study their moves, their military plans and warn our nation ahead of time. We have been doing this in media since 2007. NOT a single analysis that we have done has been proven wrong !! alhamdolillah ! We are years ahead of all Pakistani analysts and think tanks.. We warned this nation years ago about 4th and 5th Gen war when no one in the country had eve heard about them. We had warned about Khawarij and their ideology and their difference with TTA years ago. We had warned you about urban wars in Karachi, economic terrorism, Indian cold start, Af-Pak, Geo being a traitor, Hamid Mir being a CIA agent, SAFMA being Hindu agents ... we had warned you that this democracy and elections would destroy the country. ..the list is huge...

So, DO NOT challenge our analysis please. You DO NOT know what we know. We will NOT tell you our sources. Our word is the proof ! If you do not believe us, leave this page or we will block you without mercy.

Enemy is creating confusions through its agents on this page also. We cannot afford to allow the enemies or the idiots to spread confusion on the truth that we tell our nation. That is why we block all idiots immediately.

While the enemy is using the Pakistani political and religious parties to wage war against Pakistan, its insurgents are busy attacking our schools, destroying our rail lines, destroying our electricity towers.. The news given is just from ONE day of paper.

Finally, the Interior Minister has also accepted that we are losing this war on the Psychological front... ! which means that nation is still divided on Khawarij, still confused about calling them enemies...

That is why it is absolutely critical that all Ulama, scholars, media and politicians develop a common strong patriotic narrative against Khawarij. Silence of scholars like TJ means that in the end, we will lose the physical war also... then all our chidlren will be killed, all our women will be humiliated.. Allah forbid...

For your information, India has just moved 18 more fighting battalions into Kashmir sector... while we fight among each other over definition of Khawarij, TTP and BLA are destroying our power and rail lines and India prepares to attack...

When history will be written,it will note that a Muslim nation was destroyed not because of the attacks of the enemies BUT by the silence of its scholars... ! Innalillahe inna Ilehe rajeoon !